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Con Master Leslie Ritchie En Español

¡Estudia DIRECTAMENTE con la Master mundialmente reconocida Master Leslie Ritchie y conviértete en un artista certificada en Microblading & Sombreado con nuestro curso en línea hoy!
Microblading es un servicio muy popular,
Es perfecto para quien no ha tenido algún tatuaje de ceja anterior…
Sin embargo, hoy en dia gran parte de nuestras clientas, tendrán un tatuaje de cejas viejo.
Y querer cubrirlo con solo Microblading, no es la mejor opción.
Creemos que tu como artista necesitas ofrecer y complementar con la técnica de sombreado.
Esto de ayudara a darle aun mas estructura a la ceja, cubrir tatuajes viejos, darle un look semi maquillado y mas!
Y es por eso que añadimos, curso de sombreado manual a nuestro curso.
Completamente GRATIS!

La Maestra De Renombre Mundial Leslie Ritchie Será Tu Maestra

Cuando te registres a este curso, Master Leslie Ritchie sera Asignada como tu mentor y Maestra. Leslie fue una de las primeras Masters en Microblading en Estados Unidos y ha enseñado la técnica desde 2017. Leslie ha realizado más de 2,000 procedimientos de microblading y ha enseñado personalmente a mucho más de 500 estudiantes. Ella es apasionada en cuanto a la enseñanza y eso se refleja en muchas de nuestras más de 700 opiniones de 5 estrellas (5 Star Reviews) en nuestra página de Facebook.

100's Of Five Star Reviews Can't Be Wrong!

We invite you to read the hundreds of 5 star reviews on our Facebook page and see what our students say about their experience with us...
Nuestros estudiantes están experimentando el éxito …

“¡Amanda tomó nuestro curso en línea y en 6 meses reemplazó sus ingresos y renunció a su trabajo de 80 horas / semana!”

Amanda Breuer

El trabajo de nuestros maestros:

El trabajo de nuestros alumnos:

(Nuestros artistas de Microblading ganan más de 6 figuras)

Tenemos muchos estudiantes que han pasado a generar ingresos por encima de $ 100,000 a partir de microblading. Aquí hay algunos:

Ecaterina Cioban

“Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.”

Amanda Busick

4 years ago I was simply stuck. Living paycheck to paycheck burning myself out at an $11.00 an hour job. Racking up debt and unable to make ends meet. When I say this career has been a life changer it doesn’t even put a dent in it. From going to no college degree, working around the hours and feeling hopeless, I never ever thought I would be here today. To be able to be financially free, and most important LOVING my job is a dream for someone like me. My dreams became reality.

Tanny Diep

“Wow! This feels so surreal. Making 6 figures was a career goal I’ve always had and I never would’ve guessed it’d be achieved with Microblading. Thank you Microblading Academy USA, Glen and my Master Kler Rosenberg for helping me make this dream a reality!

I’m so excited to be a part of the 6 digit club and although the success is great, the most rewarding part of this journey is the ability to make clients feel confident and beautiful.

When passion meets purpose, anything is possible.”

Paula McPherson

From STRESSED to BLESSED! Microblading completely changed my life! In 2016 I had been a (vastly underpaid) Chemist for 2 years and was just not happy with the work I did. I DREADED going to work. Living from paycheck to paycheck, I decided to take a Microblading course after seeing a picture of Microblading one night. My goal was to do one or two people a month on the side, just enough so money wasn’t tight. Within 8 months, demand was so high I quit my job and moved into a studio to pursue Microblading full time. I am now make a living off of doing something that I absolutely LOVE. Being financially stable is great, but enjoying what you do everyday is priceless!

Nothing like this just falls in your lap, but with a little hard work and a lot of dedication and passion, it is possible for anyone!

Lauren Lake Petrich

When I started back in April 2017, I was living in my parents basement with two kids and a husband who was working 70+ hours a week. Within 6 months of starting my Microblading career, we were able to buy our first home and open our salon business. My husband has since quit his job to be a full time parent and student, and we have expanded our salon to 16 artists. I am forever grateful for Kler’s kind but firm mentorshi. Without her and her continued support, I would not be where I am today. I currently see 4-5 client per week, averaging $610 per service. I am able to be a present and loving partner and mother, while managing my shop part time and producing my best work in a career that empowers women and changes peoples lives forever. Microblading was my door of opportunity. If I can do it, YOU can do it too.

Shirley Garcia

A year ago I use to work for someone else dreams… today microblading is giving me the opportunity to work for my own dreams, now I’m a busines owner and proudly now I’m part of the 6 Digits Club!

Never be afraid of dream big, go for it!

Kenneth Santana

From $200 a week job to making a 6digit salary at the age of 23 ❗ one of the most simplest desicions ive make in my life. Taking an online course has changed my life so dramatically I can barely believe it my self! To being named one of the fastest growing artists in the history of 6 digit club is truly and honor. Hey, if i did it YOU can definitely make it. Take the first step and watch yourself grow ❗

Naomi Saphire

“Microblading has revolutionized my finances! And I cannot imagine a more rewarding and meaningful way to spend my day than making my clients feel more confident & beautiful.

If you’re considering taking a course with Kler Rosenberg and her team, do it! Make an investment in yourself and your future! You will never look back!

Thank you to Microblading Academy USA for all that you do and continue even after the course!”

Mira Molenda

“I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful group and to have achieved the qualification for 6 Digit Club! What an honor! I truly love this business and it never feels like work. If your passion is your work, you will never work another day in your life. Thank you so much Glen and Kler!”

Alba Cruz

” Hi everyone I just got my 6 DIGIT CLUB certificate. First of all I didn’t know what was the 6 digit club, but Glen explained to me I was like omg that’s me. I never thought I would make this number in short time. All I can say when I took the training was like, is this really happening making what I am making now??? After 12 years of dental assistant finally I find something that will take me to the next level. Thank you to Master Kler Rosenberg for helping me to improve in my work! These ladies are heart of Gold I’m so glad to be part of this amazing company. “

Kim Do

“ Wow! What a journey this has been. Super excited to be a part of 6 Digit Club. It’s such an honor to be where I am now and many thanks to my Master Kler and Glen Rosenberg. Both so amazing and have a special place in my heart.

It took a lot of hard work, determination, patience, dedication, and practice practice practice. This journey wasn’t easy. Trying to find the time to practice was a struggle when I was already working 7 days a week, 12hrs days. But I wasn’t going to give up. I stayed up every night until 1-2am and practice at least 1-2hrs a day. And now all the hard work paid off.

Don’t give up! You too can do it! When you have those bad days. Those days when you just want to give up. Just think about all the good days you’ve had. Think about why you started. Turn to those who supports you.

Tessie Reynolds

“I remember not so long ago my very first message to my instructor… I was an online student and full of questions. I was nervous and excited, I was also a little scared to be starting on a new career path. I remember thinking “what if I’m not good enough” and the feelings of insecurity. This is a completely different career direction from Dental Hygiene and my 18 year history in dentistry. I remember seeing all the works of established artists and dreaming of one day being as good.

I’ve been so blessed to have the very best Instructor and such a talented mentor to guide me in this journey. She believed in me from that first day and pushed me to become the best I could be.

She connected me with Glen Rosenberg and his business sense and guidance led me to becoming successful despite working in a very small, rural community.

Every day I’ve pushed and hustled to grow a business and create a name for myself. It is hard work and it you do have to have that hunger and drive to get where you want to be. You have to think outside the box and be creative to achieve big goals.

I believe that with the right education, continued learning and the right tools in business growth, new artists can be very successful!

I’m so grateful to have came this far and I’m even more excited to see what the future has in store!

Thank you guys for the push and the encouragement every step of the way!

Amanda Breuer

” This is such an emotional post for me because I REALLY want every student & artist on this forum to know that you can absolutely make a big 6 digit income in this industry! The last 10 months since I started have been full of hard work, failure, victory, tears, progress, and everything you can imagine or are experiencing right now.

Thank you Glen Rosenberg, Master Kler Rosenberg and Master Leslie Ritchie for your guidance, coaching, correction and your ENCOURAGEMENT!

If you feel like giving up right now, I DID TOO. SO MANY TIMES! Keep pushing on – you owe it to yourselves to have success and prosperity through an incredible craft with the biggest & best support system you could ask for “

Kim Jang

“It is an amazing feeling to wake up and do what you love everyday…and achieving this financial goal. If i could do this anybody can do this. I was on welfare 3 years ago with two babies after a divorce. I had no money and It was very scary. I figure out a way to take the microblading course with master Kler Rosenberg. This change my life. I worked very hard. I save my money. And I take risk and open my own salon. It was hard to believe in myself but I do it anyway since there were no other option for me. I am very blessed that it eventually become very successful. Then I take that success and risk again and open another salon. Today I have two salons making 6 figures and happy staffs and customers. It is a dream come true and its only beginning….Thank you to Kler and Glen’s academy and support.

For all of you out there, Don’t just follow your dream…Chase it! In high heels ofcourse ! If I could do it from welfare with two babies, one was very sick, you can do it too!!!

Love, Kim”

Leslie Ritchie

“OMG so excited! I love this business! You can do ANYTHING you dedicate yourself to. So proud to be part of this amazing group!”

Bao Van

“When you master your mindset, you will achieve the level of success you desire… Thank you for your guidance Master Kler.”

Brent Weed

“When I first took the microblading course with Kler, I would have never imagined how far Microblading would take me. A year and a half later and here I am, receiving my 6 digit club certificate as a Royal Artist! I still have a lot that I want to achieve but am proud of how far I have come in such a short amount of time. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the expert training I received with Kler Rosenberg!!!“

¿Qué está incluido en el curso en línea básico de Microblade & Sombreado?

  • ¡Dos cursos en uno! El curso básico de microblade Y nuestro curso básico de sombreado manual!
  • El kit profesional de Beauty Angels (ver el contenido del kit a continuación ...)
  • La aplicación BeautyPro en línea / móvil
  • Seis meses de soporte continuo directamente de tu entrenador principal para garantizar que alcance el estándar de Beauty Angels.

Este curso incluye el kit oficial de Beauty Angels del Curso Basico de Microblade y Sombreado

Este hermoso kit incluye casi todo lo que necesita para comenzar tu carrera en microblading:

  • Toallitas de cuidado
  • Gel de Cuidado
  • Caja de 50 cuchillas
  • Compas rosegold
  • Inductor Rosegold
  • 30 herramientas desechables
  • Latex para practica
  • Pigmento: Blonde
  • Pigmento: Light Brown
  • Pigmento: Medium Brown
  • Pigmento: Dark Brown
  • Pigmento: Super Dark
  • Pigmento: Black Onyx
  • Pigmento: Amarillo
  • Pigmento: Naranja
  • Set de Lápices
  • 30 Reglas para ceja
  • Tijeras y Pinzas

Como funciona el curso básico en linea de Microblading y Sombreado?

  • Completa el proceso de registro.
  • Descarga la aplicación de BeautyPro en uno de tus dispositivos móviles, enseguida activaremos tu cuenta.
  • Recibirás tu Kit Básico de Microblade y Sombreado por correo.
  • Con tu practica y la supervision de tu Master durante los próximos 6 meses dominaras cada nivel y alcanzarás el estándar de calidad de Beauty Angels.

Sabias que ofrecemos financiamiento?

Obten Sin Pago + Sin Interés si te pagas en su totalidad en 6 meses con compras de $ 99 o más al momento de pagar con PayPal Credit.

Llámanos o envíanos un mensaje y solicita la aplicación de financiamiento para ver si calificas al instante.

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